Cylc Flow 8.1.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Cylc 8.1.0!

This release includes several new features including:

  • A new “log” view in the GUI for viewing workflow/job logs.
  • A new “graph” view in the GUI for viewing tasks and dependencies.
  • Command line shortcuts for the common “validate-install-play” and “validate-reinstall-(reload|restart)” working patterns.
  • Broadcast edit (a replacement for the Cylc 7 trigger-edit) in the GUI.

As well as many general usability improvements.


Please post questions on migration from Cylc 7 (and Rose 2019) to Cylc 8, or related topics, in the Cylc 8 Migration category on this forum.


We will announce bugfix releases for the 8.1 series here as they are made.


We have released cylc-flow 8.1.1

This contains a few bugfixes including:

  • Improvements to Cylc’s scaling performance for workflows with many-to-many edges.
  • Support for the --run-name option in cylc vip.
  • Issues with validating Cylc 7 workflows using Cylc 8.

For a full summary see the changelog.

How to update site installations

Sites should create a new Cylc environment and manage parallel installations using the provided wrapper script.

How to update stand-alone installations

# First shut down running workflows:
cylc stop '*'

# For Conda managed environments:
conda update cylc-flow=8.1

# For Pip managed environments:
pip install 'cylc-flow==8.1.*' --upgrade
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