Cylc 8.0b1 released

$ conda install -c conda-forge cylc
$ cylc --version

This update is quite important: it locks down the UI Server to owner-only access, until we get the new multi-user authorization system in (coming soon!)

See also: Cylc 8 overview


Experimenting with cylc8 on one of my HPC systems. This system has a two factor authentication and so the instructions for logging into JupyterHub won’t work. However the system also has a dedicated JupyterHub server that understands the authentication and I can log into that. The question is - once I have logged into that JupytherHub how do I invoke the cylc-ui?

JupyterHub requires some special configuration to launch a Cylc UI Server instead of a Jupyter Notebook. The JHub packaged with Cylc 8 does it out of the box but an existing hub on your system won’t. A plug-in called “wrapspawner” should allow a dual use hub, but we haven’t tried that yet (possibly going to try it here soon, will post here if we do).

You might be able to use different authenticator with the Cylc hub, if running it under your own user account. I can’t check the details now as I’m away for a few days. Others might be able to help more…

See JupyterHub: Running the Cylc UI alongside other applications