Cylc cycle-point and cylc cyclepoint the same?

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I think that cylc cycle-point and cylc cyclepoint are the same but the documentation doesn’t appear to make this clear. The 7.9.3. docs show the following…

$ cylc cyclepoint -h
Usage: cylc [util] ***cycle-point*** [OPTIONS] [POINT]

Cycle point date-time offset computation, and filename templating.

Filename templating replaces elements of a template string with corresponding
elements of the current or given cycle point.

Use ISO 8601 or posix date-time format elements:
  % cylc ***cyclepoint*** 2010080T00 --template
  % cylc ***cyclepoint*** 2010080T00 --template

Other examples:

1) print offset from an explicit cycle point:
  % cylc [util] **cycle-point** --offset-hours=6 20100823T1800Z


Any thoughts?



You’re correct, they are the same. Several cylc commands have aliases, intended to make it easier on users’ memories!

I suppose we should list aliases in the command help, to make it obvious.

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ok great, thanks a lot for the confirmation!