'database is locked' issue


We have recently started experiencing suite tasks failing with a database is locked while polling via cylc suite-state another suites database. Cylc version is 7.7.2.

Specifically the issue is from ensemble post-processing suites polling the ‘parent’ forecast suite. The issue seems worse if the suite server VM is more heavily loaded.

Is this a known issue? Is there anything that can be done (a[art from upgrading these suite to 7.8.x and using external triggers)

Any assistance is appreciated.

Damian Agius.

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Hi Damian

Is the parent suite showing any sign of issues writing to the public database? These would show up in the suite log as write retries.

What do you mean when you say the tasks fail? Does the cylc suite-state command fail without completing the specified number of polls?

How many suites are polling the parent and what polling interval are you using?

See also Case for Cylc to switch away from SQLite-only

:+1: for giving us the Cylc Version.

@dpmatthews I will collect some more info and post back soon. Thanks.