IllegalItemError: [scheduler]parameters?

hi there,

i’m porting a cylc 7 suite with parameterised tasks to a cylc 8 workflow and am getting this error at validation time…

> cylc val .

IllegalItemError: [scheduler]parameters

this is coming from this bit of the flow.cylc file…

        lfinputs = um2lfric

as far as i can see this is ok according to the docs.

there’s no warning about what this should be changed to like for some other things so any ideas as to how to fix this would be appreciated.

thanks! :slight_smile:

worked it out eventually by learning how to read the docs properly haha…

out of interest, is there a reason that this didn’t generate a you should do this instead warning?



The syntax upgrade suggestions are for valid but deprecated Cylc 7 syntax. Your syntax there is not valid Cylc 7 or Cylc 8.

Cylc doesn’t attempt to guess your intention when syntax errors are found. In this particular case it wouldn’t be too hard to do, but generally that would be a minefield.

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oh right haha, got it!

Did you try Cylc Lint?

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@wxtim nope! not heard of that before. will take a look…