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Hi all,
after longish pause I am back to trying to get cylc8 to work on archer2. Thanks, for sorting out the issue of the cylc-run directory. The next problem I have is that I can’t put the global.cylc configuration file somewhere cylc can find it. I don’t have a home directory on archer2 (the original problem) and I don’t have write access to /etc. I have installed cylc8 into a prefix. I was hoping that cylc would look for the global config file inside $PREFIX/etc/flow/…

Hi Magnus

Perhaps the environment variable, $CYLC_SITE_CONF_PATH can help you here?
Cylc will look for your global.cylc file if this is set, see Global Configuration — Cylc 8.0b3 documentation.

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Cylc jobs should not need access to the global.cylc to send messages back to the Scheduler (the required information is written into the contact file) so you should not require a global.cylc file on job nodes (unless your jobs are themselves running Cylc commands or something more complex is going on).

What’s the issue you are hitting?

ok, so I was anticipating a problem that might not exist. Thanks for clarification.