Slurm queue directive

I am using SLURM for the first time. On the system I am using, directives are specified by #SBATCH KEY=VALUE which is consistent with what the SLURM handler in cylc provides. The exception to this is the queue specification, which is #SBATCH q QUEUE and SLURM will not accept an = in there. I confirmed that if I hand-hack to handle this exception, I can get my jobs to run, but that’s a terrible hack. Has anyone else worked on a system with this behavior?

Hi, I think this might work:

  -p QUEUE =

Thanks! That put me on the right track. The incantation that worked is this one:

            --qos = QUEUE
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For future reference Cylc’s Slurm job handler formats directives for use with Sbatch. Sbatch’s options can be found here.

Also worth stashing for those using slurm is this cheatsheet:

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Also worth noting that the Cylc docs say

Since not all SLURM commands have a short form, cylc requires the long form directives.