Suggestion for queue warnings

Hey all,

I’ve got a possible feature request/suggestion which relates to the behaviour of Cylc when you have a task that appears in multiple queues. I’m aware this has been discussed a lot in the past (I found an issue on the Github which discussed it in some detail) but my issue is slightly different to that so I wonder what people think.

I’m happy enough with the existing behaviour (i.e. if a task appears in multiple queues only the first one encountered takes effect, with a warning raised about any subsequent queues it is declared a member of). That’s fair enough provided it is documented

But my issue is that this warning is still issued when a task is added to the same queue twice and this seems kind of redundant and a little annoying in a large suite. Example to show what I mean:

If you have families A, B and C

Queue 1 has family A as a sole member

Queue 2 has families B and C both as members

Now if you have a task which inherits both A and B or A and C you’ll get the warning that it can’t be in Queue 2 as it’s already in Queue 1, which is fine. However you also get the warning (from what I can see) if you have a task that inherits both B and C. I would have thought this shouldn’t be a warning (it doesn’t matter that a task can’t be added to a queue if it is already a member of that queue)

Hope that makes sense!

Hi @stevewardle,

Yes, you’re right - we do get a spurious warning due to assigning a task to the same queue twice via different family names. (So, thanks for the bug report). Looks like it’s an easy fix; we’ll get in done for the next release.


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