Variable 'undefined' in cylc 8 but not cylc 7

Hi there,

I am converting a workflow to cylc 8 and am getting this error when running cylc val

> cylc val .
Jinja2Error: 'AUTO_CALC_BLOCKS' is undefined
File /scale_wlg_persistent/filesets/home/williamsjh/roses/u-cw500/flow.cylc

 {# Generate CICE block sizes #}
 {% if AUTO_CALC_BLOCKS %}     <-- UndefinedError

However in the rose-suite.conf I have…


… and this error didn’t happen at cylc 7.

Any ideas?



Hi @jonnyhtw - I was still logged on to the system so I took a look. You have a typo in the section name, under which that variable is defined. As I recall, rose suite-run (and hence the cylc-rose plugin in Cylc 8) ignores unknown config items (and section names, which makes all the contained items unknown!) rather than flagging them as errors (there are pros and cons both ways…)

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gah! thanks, all good now.

for future reference, the problem was a misspelling of [template variables] in the rose-suite.conf file.