Best Way to Redirect Logging Using CYLC-8

Hi, we are experimenting with CYLC-8. The symlink dirs directive in global.cylc (see below) is not recognized using version 8.0b3 but it is recognized using 8.0b1. Has this feature been deprecated in the beta development? Is there a better way to redirect logging to a new directory? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joe

[symlink dirs]
run = /discover/nobackup/jardizzo
log = /discover/nobackup/jardizzo
share = /discover/nobackup/jardizzo
share/cycle = /discover/nobackup/jardizzo
work = /discover/nobackup/jardizzo

Hi Joe. It got moved into the [install] section at 8.0b2:[install][symlink%20dirs]

Note that, in your example, you only need the run setting since the run directory contains all the others. You would only need to use the other settings if you wanted them to point to a different location than run.

This is great! Thanks so much for the quick response. We will give it a try. Regards, Joe