Cylc 7.9.2 and 7.8.7 Released

Yet another final Cylc 7 maintenance release!

Cylc-7.9.2 and Cylc-7.8.7 are now available from GitHub.

7.9.2 is just 7.8.7 with the bundled Jinja2 version upgraded to 2.11.1, which allows us to report the right line number for all Jinja2 errors. 7.9.2 requires Python 2.7; use 7.8.7 if stuck on Python 2.6. (Don’t worry, Cylc 8 for Python 3 and web tech is well on the way).

Selected changes:

  • support Slurm heterogeneous jobs (see the Slurm section in the User Guide)
  • fix frequent writes to a DB table, to correct last-updated timestamps in cylc review and reduce filesystem load
  • fix a bug in auto-restart (scheduler migration) which caused suites to wait unnecessarily for local jobs on other hosts before restarting
  • fix a bug in the GUI tree view that could cause tasks to be sorted in the wrong order


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