Daily cycling suite, start today automatically

We use a rose suite to monitor the output from long running climate suites. The way this is set up at the moment is as a daily cycling suite with a clock trigger at ~05:00 (so it is finished by the time people start work). Crucially, unlike most NWP use cases where you want the suite to get a speicific cycle of the model suite, in our use case we update the cache of files produced so far and then plot these.

However, at the moment, the user needs to set the start cycle to today’s date manually when first running to prevent lots of old cycles running unnecessarily.

What I would like is for it just to start on todays date automatically. I think that using clock-expire could be a work around for this, but it would need a number of suicide triggers inserted into the suite to cancel all of the tape retrieves and plotting tasks. I also worry that this could be very inefficient if the date is a long way in the past.

Is there a good way to do this? Possibly using Jinja to set the start-cycle from today’s date?


You can tell Cylc to start from the current date/time using the special syntax now:

    initial cycle point = now

There is also the previous/next syntax which enables you to rewind/fastforward from the current time to a convenient point, say the nearest whole hour or closest day:

    initial cycle point = previous(T-00)  # strip the minutes from the current hour

So to start the workflow in time for the T05 cycle:

    initial cycle point = previous(T05)  # start from 05:00 today

For more details on the previous/next syntax: https://cylc.github.io/doc/built-sphinx-single/index.html#scheduling-initial-cycle-point-initial-cycle-point-relative-to-current-time

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