Initial cylc point specification

in a suite, I found it useful to specify the initial cycle point thusly,

initial cycle point = previous(T-00; T-15; T-30; T-45)

allowing a certain discretization with respect to time, of the suite being run.

is there an analogous statement for the nearest day, meaning, regardless to the wall time that the suite is run, that the initial cycle point would be say YYYYmmddT00?

the more general question:

is the “previous( …)” construct generalized for other units? (example above for hr)

I was not able to locate where I found the ‘previous(…)’ again, and made a few failed attempts (validation) at what might work.

You can use:




to get the nearest day in either direction from “now”.

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This notation does generalize, by the way.

E.g. to start from the most recent 2 January:


Documentation link: Running Workflows — Cylc nightly.2021-07-23 documentation

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looks like the info has been moved to
relative to now

That was a link to the nightly documentation build for Cylc 8.

Here’s the Cylc 7 link:

(Sorry about that :grimacing: )