Flags in help topics not in alphabetical order?


pretty inconsequential but is there any reason why the list of flags in cylc help topics isn’t in alphabetical order (see screenshot)? i think ordering them would make them easier to use?

cheers :smiley:

Hi @jonnyhtw

We use a command-line parsing library for this. It doesn’t seem to provide an alphabetic sort option for the help text. Basically the order of definition in the code is retained, which allows us to put the most important options at the top.

hey hilary,

ok fair enough!

isn’t ‘most important’ subjective though? e.g. i use…


… all the time but have never used…


this is using cylc log btw.

anyway, no bother. :smiley:


Yes it is subjective, but usually somewhat sensible!

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I think our parser uses definition order, the up side of this is that the more important options tend to float towards the top.

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ok thanks for this @oliver.sanders and @hilary.j.oliver i think i get it now! :smiley: