How do i remove a workflow from the web ui without 'cleaning' it

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i’m now at the stage where i have quite a few workflows running in cylc 8 and some of them have many ‘runs’ which can cause the web ui to get a bit cluttered.

is there a way to remove them from the web ui interface? e.g. the one in the screenshot below which i want to remove from view but not delete all the data from!


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No, the UI side panel is supposed to display all your installed workflows. However, you can use the filter and search boxes at the top of the panel to quickly filter on the fly for just the ones you’re interested in.

Note we have collapsible trees coming for the side panel, so for instance all the runN’s can be collapsed into one line with a state summary shown. However, we haven’t quite got that out the door yet - watch this space!

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Note you can filter out workflows by state using the filter icon next to the search bar.

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ok great thanks @hilary.j.oliver , looking forward to the new developments! :slight_smile:

the filtering is just what i wanted (see screenshot)

thanks @oliver.sanders too!

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