How to sign into jupyterhub

just poking around the new UI interface. I ran cylc hub, but not sure how to get past the authentication page. Is there a default username/password?

Hi @blaylockbk

You should be able to log in using the credentials of the operating system where cylc hub is running. If you started it on your local notebook, for instance, then your username and password should work.

Starting cylc hub will start JupyterHub. While we provide some default configuration values in Cylc UI Server for the JupyterHub, the authenticator used is the default JupyterHub PAM Authenticator.

You can, of course, customize and use a different authenticator if you would like to use your company SSO, Active Directory, OAuth + GitHub or Google, etc.

For development and testing I use the DummyAuthenticator (not recommended for production environments).

To change the authenticator, you will have to either modify the c.JupyterHub.authenticator_class key in the Cylc configuration file ~/.cylc/hub/ (you can create it if it does not exist) or in the command line with:

# Use dummy authenticator for testing
cylc hub --JupyterHub.authenticator_class=jupyterhub.auth.DummyAuthenticator
# Use default PAM Authenticator
cylc hub
# or explicitly
cylc hub --JupyterHub.authenticator_class=jupyterhub.auth.PAMAuthenticator

Hope that helps


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@blaylockbk - if you’re testing on your own laptop (say) the PAM Authenticator should work, with your normal account credentials. Otherwise, on shared HPC systems and the like, users might not have permission to use PAM directly. To get the Cylc 8 hub working on shared systems may require systems admin help initially. Alternatively, we have a hubless option coming soon (via Jupyter Server) or you can play with the dummy authenticator as @kinow suggested. The dummy authenticator requires a valid username, but any password will do. (There may be security implications of course). There’s also an ssh authenticator for Jupyter Hub, if you have ssh access (which you presumably do) and if the dummy one sounds too scary.

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