How would i edit and resubmit a job script in cylc 8?

hi there,

in cylc 8, how would i edit and run an existing job script? in cylc 7 i would’ve done…

cylc trigger [suite name] [task name].[cycle point] -e

i’ve tried in the gui and looked in the docs but i guess i don’t really know what i’m looking for?!

i’m doing this because there’s something in my job script which i think might be causing an error and want to remove it.



Good question!

In the web UI, click on the task icon, then click on “See more” in the command menu that pops up, then click on “Edit Runtime”.

You will be presented with a bunch of editable job configuration items (i.e., corresponding to settings under [runtime][TASK] in the workflow config).

Once submitted, the edited settings remain valid for any future job submissions by the target task, unless you re-edit to cancel the changes via the web UI.

You can also view, change, or cancel these settings using the cylc broadcast command, which is how this works under the hood in Cylc 8.

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thanks a lot for this! i’ll have a proper play with this once i’ve got my suite running! :smile:

We’ve got a video demo of this in the “tips” section of the forum:


thanks @oliver.sanders that’s great!