Job Log Retrieval broken with recent versions of rsync

A change in behaviour in rsync causes remote job log retrieval to fail in Cylc 7 and in Cylc 8 releases prior to 8.0.2.

The problem applies to rsync v3.2.4 and above.

It also applies to earlier rsync versions on RHEL 7 and above since Red Hat have back-ported the change, as detailed here.

If you encounter this issue you will find that remote log retrievals fail and you will see errors like this reported in the cylc suite/scheduler log file:

rsync: change_dir "/home/userid/$HOME/cylc-run/suite/log/job" failed: No such file or directory (2)

An update to global.rc will fix the problem with Cylc 7:
retrieve job logs command, which defaults to rsync -a, can be set to rsync -a --old-args.

With Cylc 8 the above change should be applied to: rsync command.

The problem is fixed in Cylc 8.0.2 and will be fixed in a new Cylc 7 release very soon.