Rose 2: Retirement of `rose_prune` job-log file rsync

This relates to the synchronisation of job log files (e.g. job.out, job.err) between job hosts (places where jobs run) and the Scheduler host (the place where the Cylc workflow process runs).

The rose_pune built-in application currently performs an rsync of remote job log files when using the prune-remote-logs-at=cycle option.

We believe this functionality has become obsolete since Cylc developed job log retrieval functionality. Cylc has extra logic for delaying log file retrieval and skipping retrieval based on file size limits.

In some situations these two systems can interact with nasty side-effects so we are proposing to retire the rsync of remote job log files by rose_prune at Rose 2.

For more information see this issue on GitHub:

We don’t think this change will cause any problems but please let us know if otherwise.