Opportunity to receive dedicated Cylc support

The ESiWACE2 H2020 European infrastructure project is offering dedicated Cylc support consisting of up to 3 person months effort. This service is open to any weather/climate research laboratory in Europe. The support could include, for example, help with Cylc installation, user training and/or workflow design and optimisation.

The deadline for applying is May 31, 2021 (there will be a further opportunity next year).

For further details see https://www.esiwace.eu/events-news/news/call-for-cylc-dedicated-user-support-2021


As promised, there is now a further opportunity to apply for dedicated Cylc support.
The deadline for applying is 31 March 2022.

For further details see https://www.esiwace.eu/news/news/new-call-for-cylc-dedicated-user-support-2022

Is this still limited to Europe?

Yes, Europe only - sorry