Replacement for `cylc status`

Hello cylc wizards,

I looked through the options described in cylc help all and did not see a utility that provides what cylc status did, namely, a scriptable means to determine if a flow is running, stalled, or stopped. What is the new recipe for this task?

Hi @ejhyer

Ah, I don’t think there was ever a cylc status command?!

cylc scan is presumably what you want. By default it looks for contact files on disk, which is quick. Then, if you want to connect to the scheduler for confirmation that it really is running, use cylc scan -t rich or cylc ping.

Looks like cylc ping is the tool for the job in this case, it’s very easy to use in automation. I use this formulation for my scripts: cylc ping $flow ; if [ $? == 0 ]; then echo "$flow running"; else echo "$flow not running"; fi

Thanks for the tip, and sorry for the confusing question!

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