Task showing as running ages after having successfully completed?

hi there,

i’m using cylc 8.2.1 and UI version 2.0.0 and i’m often getting the situation where the UI shows a task as running when it has already finished. for example…

> cylc log u-cy821//19780901T0000Z/install_ancil_lfric|tail -1
2023-09-14T02:18:08Z INFO - succeeded



it shows the right graph when i reload the webpage.

bizarrely not even polling the task works!



I think that’s a UI bug that we’re aware of, and possibly have fixed already (for the next release).

it shows the right graph when i reload the webpage.

… which tends to support that conclusion.

Next time it happens, can you check the tree and table views as well - does it appear there too?

Polling the task won’t correct it, because the scheduler already has the correct state, as evidenced by your log message.

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ah ok good to know thanks, i’ll take a look at the other views when/if it happens again.

i’ve learned something about polling haha.

ok it happened again. the bug persists on the table view (and graph) but not in the tree view. :crazy_face:

Yep, polling tells the scheduler to go check that a job really is doing what it (the scheduler) thinks it is doing. Sometimes required after network glitches and the like, that prevent job status messages from coming back.

In your case, the scheduler already has it right, but the UI (or the datastore that feeds it) has not done its housekeeping properly.

the bug persists on the table view (and graph) but not in the tree view. :crazy_face:

That makes sense. The table and graph views subscribe to the same data updates; the tree is different. You should treat the tree view as the definitive source of truth for the moment, if you see something fishy.

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If you see this again, can you try opening the browser developer tools (normally by Ctrl+Shift+I) and seeing if there are any red error messages in the console? That will help us differentiate between what might be two similar bugs

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got it, good to know that the tree view is the one to rely on.

will do @MetRonnie, never seen/used that before!

@MetRonnie it’s happened again for the circled task, here’s the ctrl+shift+i output. can’t see anything obvious but then again i’ve never looked at this output before, cheers

Ah, when you open the devtools please click on the “Console” tab. From the red icon it looks there were 13 errors reported so it looks like one particular bug but would need to see the error messages to know for sure

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ah ok will do!


here you go @MetRonnie !

Sorry maybe I wasn’t clear - it’s only the red error messages we need to look at (the yellow warnings are known about and don’t actually cause any problems)

ok i think i’ve got them now haha


Thanks, that’s useful to see. The first error looks like it’s the same bug as TypeError during pruning causes tasks to be left behind as running when they have actually succeeded · Issue #1470 · cylc/cylc-ui · GitHub

As for the subsequent Websocket errors, did you shut down your UIServer before taking this screenshot? Because that is normal in that case (there is no longer anything for the UI to communicate with)

hey @MetRonnie

yes it does look similar to the other issue you link to there. i’ve also seen arrows disappearing multiple times in various workflows.

the your other question, the web UI was active the whole time.