Unsuccessfully attempting to use cylc8 at NIWA/NeSI

This is probably a NIWA specific issue, but I’m struggling to get cylc 8 doing anything sensible, which I suspect is something to do with my environment:

[w-nwp01 cylc-ki-flood]$ export CYLC_VERSION=8.0rc3
[w-nwp01 cylc-ki-flood]$ export PROJECT=niwa03440
[w-nwp01 cylc-ki-flood]$ cylc validate .
Valid for cylc-8.0rc3
[w-nwp01 cylc-ki-flood]$ cylc install .
INSTALLED cylc-ki-flood/run2 from /scale_wlg_persistent/filesets/home/careysmitht/code/cylc-ki-flood
[w-nwp01 cylc-ki-flood]$ cylc play cylc-ki-flood
cylc play: unknown utility. Abort.
Type "cylc help all" for a list of utilities.
ERROR: ERROR: command terminated by signal 1: ssh -oBatchMode=yes -oConnectTimeout=10 -n w-cylc01 env CYLC_VERSION=8.0rc3 bash --login -c ''"'"'exec "$0" "$@"'"'"'' cylc play cylc-ki-flood --host=localhost

Any suggestions @hilary.j.oliver ??

Also, the NIWA module version of the cylc wrapper seems broken:

[w-nwp01 cylc-ki-flood]$ module purge
[w-nwp01 cylc-ki-flood]$ module load NIWA
[w-nwp01 cylc-ki-flood]$ cylc install .
/opt/niwa/share/bin/cylc: line 71: /opt/niwa/share/cylc/8.0rc3/bin_/cylc: No such file or directory


Hi @trevorcs

cylc play: unknown utility. Abort.

I suspect you have CYLC_VERSION hardwired to 7.9.x in your login scripts? You can default to a specific version, but you should avoid hard-wiring if you want run a different version as that will break version compatibility between hosts (e.g. for placing a scheduler on a dedicated Cylc node, or for task jobs that need to run Cylc commands).

Have you followed the instructions on the intranet “Cylc 8 on Maui” page? (I won’t post a link here as it’s internal).

There’s also a warning there about module load NIWA breaking Cylc 8. That’s one of the system (not Cylc) issues that we need to get fixed.

Thanks @hilary.j.oliver. Problem solved.