Why do i need to 'reload' after running 'cylc vr'?

hi there,

i often need to reload a running workflow definition (e.g. changing run length) and so i am using cylc vr to do so.

i don’t understand why i need to then run cylc reload command afterwards since the docs say…

* "Reload" the workflow (if it is running),
* or "play" it (if it is stopped).

This command is equivalent to:
  $ cylc validate myworkflow --against-source
  $ cylc reinstall myworkflow
  # if myworkflow is running:
  $ cylc reload myworkflow
  # else:
  $ cylc play myworkflow

thanks, :smiley:


Have you checked that you really need to do that in order for the scheduler to pick up your changes, or are you just referring to the message printed to the terminal that tells you to do it?

It’s actually the message that’s wrong - you don’t need to do another reload yourself.

We recently merged a small change to remove the message; it’ll be out in the next release.

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@hilary.j.oliver is the next release with this fix 8.1.4 or is that the latest stable one?


No, probably 8.1.5 (that’s the next one).