Cylc 8.1.x Release Announcements

We have released cylc-flow 8.1.2 and cylc-uiserver 1.2.1

These contain a few bugfixes including:

  • Issues where tasks were missing in the GUI for workflows with nested families, especially where inherit = None is used.
  • Additional rules for the Cylc linter.
  • Fixes and improvements to task filtering in the GUI

For a full summary see the changelogs:

Special Note

Workflows running with Cylc 8.1.1 or lower may display incorrectly with the new version of the GUI (cylc-uiserver 1.2.1). This is due to an unfortunate bug which we were unable to provide back-compatibility for. If you are using the GUI to view workflows running at different Cylc versions we strongly advise restarting workflows with Cylc 8.1.2 to avoid any issues.

How to update site installations

Sites should create a new Cylc environment and manage parallel installations using the provided wrapper script.

How to update stand-alone installations

# First shut down running workflows:
cylc stop '*'

# For Conda managed environments:
conda update 'cylc-flow=8.1' 'cylc-uiserver=1.2'

# For Pip managed environments:
pip install 'cylc-flow==8.1.*' 'cylc-uiserver--1.2.*' --upgrade
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