Cylc 8 GUI is extremely limited?

One of the major things we use in Cylc 7 is the GTK GUI for everything from manually editing one-shot jobs, viewing logs, viewing dependencies, and accessing task documentation via the URL field and I’m seeing none of that in the new web-based UI… I haven’t found anything in the docs about the UI defaulting to a restricted set of controls, so are all those abilities from the Cylc 7 GUI gone with Cylc 8 or am I missing a flag that I need to define?

Hi @russbnavy ,

Well, yes and no! (And the “yes” is only temporary).

The Cylc 8 web UI is much more capable than the Cylc 7 GUI, with regard to data model and communications protocols (and more too, such as fine-grained authorization) to handle all kinds of workflow efficiently in the future. Architecture — Cylc 8.0rc3 documentation

However, we haven’t yet implemented some higher-level features of the old GUI on top of the new framework. Missing features include:

  • the “graph view” (i.e. dependency view)
  • the “dot view” (the 3rd Cylc 7 GUI view)
  • “edit run” (presumably what you mean by: manually editing one-shot jobs)
    • (workaround: change task settings with cylc broadcast before triggering)
  • integrated job log viewer
    • (workaround: use cylc review from the latest Cylc 7 release, which as an interim measure has been modified to handle Cylc 8 log directories).

From your question I wonder if you haven’t found the control capability in the new web GUI, though. If you click on a (monochromatic) task icon you will get a menu with all the usual commands (trigger, hold, release, etc.).

Anyhow, I think you can rest assured that the new web UI will totally outclass the old desktop GUI before too long.

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Ok, yes I was able to figure out the task controls (hold, release, trigger, etc) but like you say I didn’t see the missing bits. That answers my question, thanks!