Is this based on Cytoscape?

Is Cycl based on cytoscape?

What use cases does it address?


Is Cycl based on cytoscape?

No, Cylc - like other workflow managers - produces graphs of a workflow with tasks, jobs, etc. But different than most workflow managers, Cylc allows for cyclic graphs whereas others use a directed acyclic graph.

Cytoscape could be used to iterate or visualize a graph produced by Cylc, for example. But internally in Cylc it’s just Python creating the graph structure.

What use cases does it address?

Have a look at the website and how it works docs section. I think this excerpt from the landing page gives a brief summary.

Cylc is a general purpose workflow engine that orchestrates cycling workflows very efficiently . It was designed for use in production weather, climate, and environmental forecasting systems, but it is not specialized to those domains and is agnostic to the applications it manages.


and how it works docs section . I

Yikes, that old section desperately needs rewriting, more clearly and concisely(as flagged by the introductory warning paragraph, to be fair).

Until the massively updated Cylc 8 User Guide is released you can also take a look at these references: Cylc | C Y L C