The new graph view

Here’s a quick look at the new graph view which arrived in Cylc 8.1.0.

Like the Cylc 7 graph view, this provides a graphical representation of the tasks and dependencies in a workflow.


You can control tasks by clicking on their icons, press “See More” to see all available commands. The transpose button rotates the graph 90 degrees and the spacing between tasks can be adjusted with the increase/decrease spacing buttons.

For larger workflows you can turn the “auto refresh” off and refresh the graph manually by pressing the refresh button which makes complex graphs more workable. With manual refresh the graph view should be able to handle quite substantial workflows.

Let us know how you get along with the graph view. Our future plans include the ability to group tasks by family and cycle point, a “minmap” to help with navigating larger graphs and the ability to view stopped workflows (like the old “cylc graph” command).