How to set font size in Rose GUIs


How do I configure font size in the Rose GUIs (& Cylc GUIs) please? Or maybe more accurately how does Rose (& Cylc) figure out what font size and formatting to use in the GUIs?

I’m ssh’ing to remote server from a Mac (using XQuartz) to use Rose Edit, but the fonts are coming up very big and the format/colour of the right hand panels is weird - see attached. When I do the same to another different remote server running Rose/Cylc the GUIs are all fine.


The old GUIs are GTK2 based. GTK 2 is now very old, having been replaced by GTK 3, as a result, the GUIs don’t look as nice as they once did. Those grey boxes are unfortunately a result of this.

The GUIs get their fonts, icons and application theme these from the system settings. E.G. on a GNOME Linux desktop environment, you’ll find these in the “Appearance” settings menu.

On Mac OS you have to go through X11/Xorg/Xquartz, which may or may not respect the system configuration. I wouldn’t be surprised if the scale is off as the result of a high-resolution display?

There are a couple of open issues on the xQuartz GitHub about this:

There appear to be a few possible workarounds on Stack Overflow, none cover all cases, but it might be worth trying a few.

I’m not sure why you’re getting different results from different servers. It might be worth comparing the system appearance settings on the two.

Thanks Oliver. I think I’m semi sorted now - font size ok and I can live with the grey box feature! :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: Not entirely sure what I did, but a reboot of my Mac seemed to help. Possibly and XQuartz update.