Typo in `rosie hello -h`

Hi there,

There’s a bug in the docs for rosie hello

rosie hello -h
    rosie hello [--prefix=PREIFX]

Need to change PREIFX ---> PREFIX

I want to raise a pull request for this but I can’t find this in the rose or fcm GitHub repositories.

Does anyone know where this might be described?


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Well spotted! The reason you can’t find it is because it’s only in the old 2019.01.x branch of Rose: https://github.com/metomi/rose/blob/2019.01.x/bin/rosie-hello
It’s already fixed in Rose 2.


nice! thanks for this. i didn’t realise that there is a git grep function which i could have used rather than than the normal grep which i used initially to search for PREIFX… :sweat_smile: