Welcome to the Cylc and Rose Discourse forum

Welcome! to the official forum for all news, support, and discussion of the Cylc Workflow Engine and the Rose application configuration toolkit (which is often used with Cylc).

Please sign up if you are using, or are interested in, Cylc or Rose!. You can sign in using your Google or GitHub account, or create a new account if you prefer. Once signed in, you can set your summary digest email frequency here to stay abreast of interesting topics - even if you don’t visit regularly - without being annoyed by too-frequent emails.

Please choose the appropriate topic category to post to (however, posts can be recategorized later if you get it wrong, so no stress!):

  • Cylc (or Rose) Support for questions on use, installation, workflow design, etc.
  • Cylc (or Rose) Development for future plans, feature reports, bug reports, etc.
  • Cylc (or Rose) Announce for important information such as release announcements.

(Most development planning and discussion occurs at our GitHub source repositories, and in our Riot.im chat rooms - but development-related posts are welcome here too).

This forum was opened in June 2019. The old Cylc Google Groups forum is archived here.