Where is the one pager cylc docs webpage?


i’ve always used the one page html version of the cylc docs but can’t find it now.

does anyone know where it is?



Hi Jonny,

I always use the single page too, as it’s easier to search across all pages. But looks like it’s missing from the GitHub pages generated build: https://github.com/cylc/cylc.github.io/tree/master/doc/build/7.8.7

@hilary.j.oliver do we have to run make singlehtml or similar command from the 7.8.x branch to deploy the single page HTML?

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thanks bruno!

cc @vv1610

My fault, sorry. While making the Cylc 7 update release last week, I forgot to generate the single page version. Fixing it …


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It’s back!

make -C doc clean singlehtml

wahoo thanks, on it now!