Cylc-8.0a2 preview release

Hi all,

The second Cylc 8 preview release is now available from Conda Forge. If you’d like to try it, please read the cylc-8.0a2 release notes.

Some user-facing highlights:

  • fully functional Python 3 scheduler and CLI
  • terminal UI program cylc tui (replaces, and greatly improves on, cylc monitor)
  • web UI with:
    • integrated multi-workflow side bar (c.f. cylc gscan GUI in Cylc 7)
    • tabbed views (tree view, and POC graph view)
    • control functionality, temporarily available via a special “mutations” view
    • event-driven (not polled) global data update
  • published to Conda Forge for easy installation

Note this preview release is not production-ready and may not be secure in some ways - it is being made available for testing by interested early-adopters.

The upcoming alpha-3 release will bring even bigger changes (and should be performant for very large workflows); but we’ll advertise those in due course.

The release notes give installation and basic usage instructions. Requests for help, and/or feedback, are welcome via this forum.

Thanks to the Cylc dev team!