Cylc 8.0b3 - final beta release!

The 4th and final beta release of Cylc 8 is now available :tada: Thanks to the dev team!

Cylc 8.0b3 is the final beta pre-release of Cylc 8. It is largely complete and can be used to manage real workflows, but it has not yet been heavily tested by users. Python 2 based Cylc 7 is stable and still available if needed for production systems.

Please report migration issues to the Cylc Discourse Forum (7-to-8 topic).

We’d like to encourage all users to get started working with Cylc 8 now, with this release.

There are some major enhancements, to complete the core feature set of Cylc 8, including:

  • A hub-less mode for single-user installations
    • cylc gui starts a UI Server with token-based authentication
  • New syntax to distinguish optional and expected task outputs
    • This supports optional graph branching (without suicide triggers) and allows the scheduler to correctly diagnose workflow completion
  • Configurable multi-user authorization - you can authorize others to read or control your workflows
    • (However manual URL manipulation is currently required to see the other user’s UI Server)
  • Hierarchical “gscan” sidebar in the UI, for hierarchically organized groups of workflows
  • All commands automatically infer latest workflow run number (workflow-name/run1 etc.)
  • Online documentation fully upgraded for Cylc 8
    • (There are bound to be some remaining errors and omissions; just ask on this forum!)
    • (Tutorials converted for Cylc 8, but have some known problems; a rewrite is in the works)

This is all, of course, on top of previously announced features. For a complete description of how Cylc 8 differs from Cylc 7 see:

Installation instructions are in the online docs too:

For remaining caveats (for instance, you can’t yet get job log files from the new GUI, but you can from the command line; and we don’t yet have graph visualization in the GUI) see:

Feel free to report any problems you run into, on this forum.