Cylc 8.0b2 released

The 3rd beta release of Cylc 8 is now available :tada: Thanks to the dev team!

Note for conda installation we’re ditching the “cylc” metapackage in favour of installing the (few) component packages individually. (For several reasons, but primarily the metapackage can’t really be made “one size fits all”). So don’t do conda install cylc; you’ll just get the older beta release.

Some userful doc links:

Cylc 8.0b2 User Guide




We are starting to see new HPC systems with no python2 available - making an update to cylc 8 necessary. However HPC administrators are discouraged by the message “cylc 8 is not production ready”. What is the time frame for an official cylc 8 release?

Hi @Jim

Cylc 8 proved to be a massive job, through the pandemic and team membership changes etc., but we’re nearly there.

The final Cylc 8 beta release 8.0b3 will be out any day now. The “messaging” on that is changing to:

Cylc 8.0b3 is the final beta release of Cylc 8, a major upgrade from Cylc 7.

All Cylc 8 system components are in place but not yet heavily tested by users.
Cylc 7 is still available if needed.

(I guess we should add, and if you still have access to Python 2)

We will release 8.0rc1 as soon as possible after that. We should be able to give an ETA shortly after the beta is done. The rc1 (release candidate) label is really just to indicate again, that Cylc 8 has not yet been heavily tested by users. All the essential functionality is supported by many hundreds of tests though, so we can be pretty confident about the release.

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