Cylc GUI missing options

Kia ora!

I’ve been using cylc 8.1.4 and have web gui version 1.3.0 but have noticed I’m not able to access the same functionality as I’ve seen on here. For example, the add view option gives me only tree and table options and I’m also not able to see the log output here.

Is there an update I have missed?


Kia ora,

You’re a few versions behind on the the web GUI, the latest version is 1.6.0. The web GUI comes in a package called cylc-uiserver, whereas the core Cylc scheduler comes in a package called cylc-flow. To get the latest versions you may need to upgrade both.

To upgrade cylc-uiserver try this:

# for Conda/Mamba environments
conda update cylc-uiserver

# for pip managed environments
pip install --upgrade cylc-uiserver

You can check your installation with:

cylc version --long

To help keep up to date, we announce releases with upgrade instructions on Discourse, the 8.1.x release announcements can be found here:

(I’ll comment a link to the 8.2.x release page on the end of that one when we release Cylc 8.2.0)


Great, thank you for your help!