Cylc GUI missing options

Kia ora,

You’re a few versions behind on the the web GUI, the latest version is 1.6.0. The web GUI comes in a package called cylc-uiserver, whereas the core Cylc scheduler comes in a package called cylc-flow. To get the latest versions you may need to upgrade both.

To upgrade cylc-uiserver try this:

# for Conda/Mamba environments
conda update cylc-uiserver

# for pip managed environments
pip install --upgrade cylc-uiserver

You can check your installation with:

cylc version --long

To help keep up to date, we announce releases with upgrade instructions on Discourse, the 8.1.x release announcements can be found here:

(I’ll comment a link to the 8.2.x release page on the end of that one when we release Cylc 8.2.0)